Friday, January 07, 2011

better late than never

It's official. I am the worst blogger EVER! But I have some nice excuses, I think.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday! My late wishes of Merry Christmas and New Year.

Sooo...I had an amazing time. Really.

the lazy evenings.
ice cream.
my amazing girls. they're awesome, really awesome cousins.
the christmas songs.
the FOOD! oh, the food. SO good.
the pool. SO FUN!!
the cute little ones running around the house.
watch the sunset.
playing in the dirt.
cinema (watched NARNIA...awesome, so awesome).
the count down for the new year.
riding horses!
the beach.
riding's been so long that i've rode one. i couldn't remember how fun it was! 
the so many cool shops. i could buy everything, hehe.
pizza at dinner!! hmmm, so good.

and then get back home.
but at the same time happy.

i like to be home.
home sweet home.

...and just because I don't want to end up this post without a picture, here's one of my cute little cousin. His mother asked me if I could take some pictures of her little guy and I obviously said yes =D


Ladinia DalinTasya said...

oouuhh he's soo cute :)
i adore your photos


Balaphoto said...

Great picture!!! Salut!!

Happy MMXI!!!

Frank, Barcelona