Wednesday, September 15, 2010



hi you all. i tought i would make a question and answer post. since i have been asked a lot things about my photography and other curious stuff:)


When do you started blogging and why?

I really don't remember the REAL time I started blogging... over the end of 2008 I had the idea of create a blog and I made a few posts here and there. But I didn't spend too much time on them! So I stopped blogging and I just back to the blog world in the middle of 2009! I got my old posts back and did just one blog about it all. The why I have started blogging? Well, I love surfing on the web and accidentally stopped by a really cute blog I fell in love. Then I tought I could do it for me too! But it started to get really fun and I created more than just one blog...I really love blogging!

Do you have just this blog?

nope. Actually, I have three. Haha -- man, I got out of control always! It's really a mess since I have school all day. But on my free time (do I really have it?) I do all the job! I have threee blogs: my family blog, my daily blog and my photography blog. It's really confused but you get used! I have to have more than one blog... everything in just one blog would be A MESS! hahaha:)

So, who do you look like? I mean...who are you?

I'm not a very interesting person. Really, I'm just a young girl in love with photography. I have 13 years old,(not for too long)  black hair, two great parents, one sister, the best friends in the world and cute cousins. I like to travel, a lot. I like to read books... I like to listen to music.... I like to cook (oh well, i'm not very good at it)... I like to play and I like to photograph.

Everywhere I go I have to be with my camera. Everywhere. I love to capture every little detail of my life.

Do you use actions or presets on your photographs?
Well, I have used a lot over the past years... but now I rarely use them. They are really cool and I've got some cool ones, but now I don't use as much I used before!
So...what do you do on your photographs?
nothing from another world. sometimes I just set the light, the saturation or the contrast a bit. just something simple:)
Do you use some programmes? (Like Photoshop)
yes. I do use Photoshop. Plus Lightroom. These work great for me!

What camera do you use? Any lenses?

Nikon D5000 plus a few lenses. I'm also looking for some new ones.

Nikon or Canon?

Both are awesome. It was a hard decision but I am a Nikon girl at all. I love my camera and I also named it -- Jason. HAHA!

Where are those places in your pictures from?

Well, you all asked it a lot. First of all you have to know that I travel. A lot. Really. I love travelling and I can't spend 1 day without taking pictures...anywhere I am.

My last post pictures are from Bariloche, Argentina. It's a little town but very very pretty and you have to visit it.

 Hmmm, mostly are from there. Except: That was in Paris! On my trip in the begin of this year. This place is Cape town, South Africa!! It's perfect, really. and here are from my lovely aunt's farm. Amazing place, huh?

Well, any other places different than those I told you are from near here...nothing very extraordinary:)


So...that was that. I think that was the main questions. But if you have any other one fell free to ask!!


Becky Regina said...

You're so good in photographing ! Saw some of your photos :) I'll follow your blog !

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

i love your photos. nice Q&A


Tracey said...

loved this! Fun to see what you do and how you do it. And uh, you could be my daughter! My son is 11. Ha!